Electro-luminescent Lights

Electro-luminescent Lights

December 04, 2018
LED EL Wires Singapore!

Stock available:
Blue 5mm, 30m – 2sets (SP: S$1.80 per meter)
Blue 5mm, 10m – 5 sets (SP: S$1.80 per meter)
Blue 5mm, 90m – 1 set (SP: S$1.50 per meter)
Red 5mm, 10m – 15 sets (SP: S$3.00 per meter)
White 5mm, 10m – 10 sets (SP: S$3.00 per meter)

AC inverter 50-100m – 4 sets (SP S$35.00)
AC inverter 20-50m – 2 set (SP S$17)
8 Splitter connector – 3 sets (SP: S$2.50)

Illuminating has a special promotion for lightings – EL Wires during this X’mas season. Price is almost as low that you might not get it cheaper anywhere! (Guess the price? S$1.50 per meter! Yes it is… and they are all original and brand new. )

EL Wire, also known as electro-luminescent lights, are a simple and generally safe LED lighting application. This can be used almost anywhere from sticking it to clothing, dashboard of cars, bicycle, wall décor and many more.

The subtle physical impression transforms into a great lighting art piece when the environment dims down. EL wires are good for outlining objects with lights to give a different visual art form in the dark.

Limited stocks available. Do hurry contact us if this lighting is what you need for your décor in homes, on objects or for events! I’m sure this is one of the cheapest lighting products available in Singapore.

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