Dairy Farm Residences Floor Plan

Dairy Farm Residences Floor Plan

May 20, 2020
Looking to buy a flat as your first home in Singapore? The Dairy farm Residences offer a wide selection of quality condominiums and apartments at the most competitive price. Condo residents enjoy a host of amenities that could include swimming pools, tennis, and many more facilities.
Contacts :
  • Property type : House
  • Area : 1000m²
  • Number of rooms : 10
  • Amenities : Parking, Garage, Balcony, Patio, Veranda, Fireplace, Basement, Attic, Swimming pool, Tennis, Garden, yard, Kitchen garden, Fenced, Single house, Subdivision, Wheelchair accessible
  • Furnishing : Dryer, Air Conditioning, Internet, WiFi (Wireless Internet), Television, Cable, Intercom, Access, caretaker
  • Proximity : Post Office, Banks, Police Station, Bakery, Butcher, Grocery, Supermarket, Shops, Lake, River
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