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Three Wechat marketing tips
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Three Wechat marketing tips

May 26, 2018
Three Wechat marketing tips

With Android, Apple System series of mobile phones, tablet PCs rapid rise, also contributed to the popularity of mobile Internet users in a large area of ​​people's lives, study, work them. Many enterprise business has caught its characteristics, started marketing to promote their products through micro letters, microblogging and other popular mobile terminal tool.
   First, micro-channel marketing needs "precise" positioning

Traffic has always been benevolent. There are two forms of traffic, accurate traffic flow and pan. Pan flow more, if not converted, can not compare a small number of precise traffic. So precise flow is that we do marketing the most fundamental. Accurate flow not only to improve the conversion rate, but also increase user viscosity. Micro-channel is a powerful self-media, relying on accurate flow far more than propaganda styled to effect much better. We do only goal is to sell the micro-channel services, selling products, and vigorously promote the brand. So let us find the precise flow multiplier. Get accurate traffic is determine the success of marketing, how to make their own marketing label affixed accurate (Singapore Network Marketing) geographical precision. If your product is only for the purposes of a city, but you will product positioning to the country, then the rest of the city's users are not interested in the product or service you are interested also offer less. So we need to do is to narrow the scope, accurate positioning area. Users see a micro-channel public account is to see how much value it brings users. We know that the user is only active Follow us better than passive attention to reliable and more, however, only the user will find valuable initiative concerns only activate the precise user, will get the long-hidden gold.
Crowd positioning. Micro-channel public platform there is a clear grouping, the user will be interested in, we can classify them promptly push messages. Friends want to know this area consulting, naturally they will help and will reach a purchase. Proper understanding of user demands, find the exact entry point is the key. Fans of high-quality, easy to drain the old customers, but also to play a role in the propaganda business, increase brand strength. Exact number of fans is not much of a fan of word of mouth marketing. Combining online and offline promotion, so companies are more credible.

Second, the micro-channel content marketing "soul"

Whether it is to do the Internet, or do the micro-channel, can provide users with real valuable thing is the key, good content is like the soul of micro-channel marketing, micro-channel platform has a soul has emotional content, not only good marketing results, and will be for you bring more new powder, thereby increasing customer viscosity, micro-channel marketing will get sustainable development. Although micro-channel platform "soft and small" in small wisdom seems it was "tall", a thousand thousand individuals on Hamlet, the only constant is to explore the use, will allow to maximize the value.

(A), the story is a brilliant idea marketing content. A movie if the love, affection, and other areas have shown particular place, we are often able to determine this is a movie worth watching. So a good article, story climaxes, would certainly have been a lot of customers like even reprint. Rigid than those articles, it will be relatively good on a lot. The reason why the popular micro-channel, it is because each user, "lonely hearts" need to be sure and companionship. User into the story in the article have to go, let users feel the micro-channel public platform "affinity" naturally will continue to add new subscribers.
(Two), with a depth articles. An in-depth articles will let users self-propagation, is now able to write such an article is naturally a minority. Visible effects are caused by very strong. Large companies are often not as good as one hundred sales representatives an editor. Depth articles have timeliness, transmissible. Content drives the product, can be very good to potential customers into real customers. Content marketing conversion rate is quite high (that is, we often say that a soft paper). The ultimate goal is to sell products businesses, allowing users access to your crm system, and then import from the line to the next line, converted to sales.
(Three), everyone from the media. If the micro-channel is a large container, then each of us is a good way from the media, like a big net, will we all closely linked. Good product, good article, naturally there will be a lot of people a lot of forwards, so a pass one, it will continue to acquire new customers, to reach a deal.
(Four), professional content is very important. Road have been heard, industry specializing in surgery. We do micro-channel platform must be done with their industry-related content. Not only allows users to find business professional, but also enhance the brand influence. JDB reason well, it is because they only sell herbal tea, to seize the user's psychological, it will be a summer "fear angry", naturally thought of JDB. Focus, will only make business more of a future.

Third, micro-channel marketing is even more "cooperative" help

Today is no longer a lonely hero of the times, you want to realize their ambitions in a short time, then they would have their hands full use of resources, and learn to cooperate, learn to share, time is opportunity, especially now that competition is so fierce (which is what I often say "its private non-evil, gives it private," the truth), collaboration has become a proposition can not be ignored, then how do we co-locate for it? (Singapore micro-channel marketing)

(A), the public's cooperation to push each other. Compared unique, the cooperation will bring you more resources, mutual drainage. But our best to find the number of cooperation with the public sector, so that it is conducive to precise traffic. We can push each other using the microblogging cooperation, mutual trust and cooperation, but slightly push influence will be better.
(Two), circle of friends to share. Maintaining good relationships, so that more friends to join to share. But the initiative to share, always much better than passive.

In short, micro-channel marketing is the business user needs by providing information to promote their products, in order to achieve marketing point, just need to find ways assiduously, whether micro-channel marketing, or other network marketing, you will succeed.

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